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Office 365

Cloud solutions – Backup your data with Cloud servers to streamline your IT

Access IT resources online as you need them for pay-as-you-go cost management.

Technovation are experts at setting up professionals and small to medium size businesses with Cloud Services. Its our passion for cloud services which has set us apart from our competition. We get excited with every feature Microsoft and Telstra brings to its product and the way they are driving the technology.

Our in-depth knowledge about the Product is the key to success. We know how to implement, train and Support the client. “There are many ways to get things done, But there is only ONE way to do it RIGHT”. We use these services ourselves and are always looking for ways to do things better.

We are in the Services Business and we are nothing without our customers. They are the life line of our Business, Every Customer and Every user is important for us. We have built strong processes to even take care of each end user. We are constantly in the mode of learning and improving to keep the level of our services up to the expectation of the clients and end users.

Cloud computing pools technology resources and expenses for sharing among a community of users, which makes it devastatingly efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Capitalise on this with Comcity delivering your all your IT needs through the cloud as a secure pay-as-you-go service including email, business applications, computing platforms and network infrastructure. As the recipient of a highly elastic hosted service, you’ll be able to add new users, storage capacity or services at will, paying only for the capacity you actually use.

Computing resources on demand

Our low-maintenance solutions remove the burden of IT administration, so you can focus more on business. We’ll manage all your back-ups, security issues and technology updates with data stored in a physically secure, state-of-the-art data centre.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Break the cycle of having to buy, house, maintain and scale physical hardware. Utilise the cloud for all the functions of a traditional network accessing extra storage or computing capacity only as you grow.

Online backup and disaster recovery

Reduce manual overhead and mistakes with fully automated online backup as a managed service. Data replication, encryption and offiste storage ensure the highest levels of data protection.

Increase business productivity with Microsoft Office 365 (formerly BPOS)

A well-organised workforce is vital for business productivity improvement. Business Productivity Online Services (Office 365) is the easy way to access the power of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint at reduced prices for added efficiency and a stronger bottomline.

Managed through the web, Office 365 frees up staff to access valuable productivity resources such as MS Outlook functionality from anywhere on any device in step with modern work practices – without the headache of maintaining costly hardware and software onsite.

Turn your workforce into a high-performing team with messaging and collaboration tools from Microsoft Online Services. Inspire a strong team ethic and increase workplace productivity with new business tools that improve sharing, communication and participation between staff, customers and new business

Microsoft Online Services; the fastest & most affordable way to get a competitive advantage in 2012

Microsoft Online Services enhance staff capabilities significantly with unrestricted access to email, contacts, shared calendars and all of your working documents.

They include four powerful messaging and collaboration tools and are available now on monthly subscription as a managed service for risk-free computing without the headache of having to maintain technology yourself.

Exchange Online; hosted email, contacts & shared calendars

Communicate from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Deploy business-grade email backed by a financial guarantee from Microsoft for low-maintenance email services that won’t let you down.

cloud backup

  • E-mail, advanced email and calendar.
  • Spam filter and anti-virus protection.
  • Mobile device synchronisation.
  • Contact, and task management.
  • E-mail coexistence and migration tools and more.

SharePoint Online; centralise document management online for increased productivity

Have all your business documents and content at your fingertips. Content management made highly available online in a secure, searchable and dynamic environment for controlled sharing across the organisation.

  • Share documents, contacts, calendars, and tasks in a single location.
  • Rich collaboration capabilities that enable team members to flexibly and efficiently collaborate
  • Organizational resources, search your intranet site, and manage content and workflow and more.

Office Communications Online / Lync Online; bring the organisation together on one screen for real-time communication

See what everyone in your organisation is up to at a single glance – no matter where they are. Communicate instantly with text, voice and video in a secure and tactile environment.

  • Communicate immediately and securely company-wide or externally with instant messaging

Office Live Meeting; slash travel costs with web-conferencing you can deploy in minutes

Talk, view, share and interact at a more personal level with colleagues and customers using Live Meeting web conferencing. Run affordable multi-party meetings, events and training sessions. Utilise rich features for video, audio, recording, registration, whiteboards, document sharing and more.

  • Online meetings with colleagues, customers, and partners in real time.
  • Share documents, ask questions, work on a virtual “whiteboard,” and collaborate during the meeting.